Glenmore Trust Testimonials

Mike Shand
Deputy Operations Manager
"The Glenmore Trust has an enabling culture and is focused on promoting independence.
This supportive culture ensures that the services we provide are individually tailored
to the needs and aspirations of every individual who we support."

Stuart Doble
Glenmore Trust Client
"I am very happy being supported by the Glenmore Trust staff because;
I can have a laugh with them and be myself,
They have encouraged me to try new things that i now like doing and which make me happy,
They enable and support me to progress and move forward with my life and experience new life skills."

Glenmore Trust

"I like working for Glenmore Trust because almost 13years ago I started a part time job after being made redundant from a career I enjoyed, that job became a journey which led to another 'career' which I have loved since day one, I always leave shift with a smile on my face. I have had unlimited support through personal illness, family illness and just day to day problems, I have undergone training second to none and have qualifications I never dreamt I would achieve all this at 50+do I regret coming to work for Glenmore, not on your life."

Tony & his mum

" Tony having his own flat is something we never thought he would have. Thanks to the support of the Trust and the amazing staff Tony has been given this opportunity. A big step in his life. Tony's Dad and I are so thankful to everyone for the opportunity. He has a great support team and independence"

Sarah King
Support Worker

"The Glenmore trust is a good company to work for they are caring, provide person centred support and treat everybody as an individual." "Over the last year I have built up my confidence gained new skills and surprised myself with my achievements."

Michael Carter's Mum

"Prior to the trust working with Michael he was a young man who desperately wanted a life of his own but had no way of knowing how to get this. Glenmore have given him this life and I believe this is the best thing that ever happened to Michael. When I ring and ask what he has been up to he says " O you know mam just living the life". A life we never thought he would have."