Staff Support

Esk Consulting in association with The Glenmore Trust

What do we offer?

Esk Consulting offers support services that combine brief therapy techniques with counselling in order to allow you to explore and make choices about your life. The sessions are on a one-to-one basis so you feel able to discuss your concerns knowing that your therapist will be non-judgmental in his/her approach. Our aim is to help you find the resources to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

How do I make contact?

To speak to a therapist or to set up an appointment – telephone 01228 409092 Once you phone the service, an appointment will be agreed at a mutually convenient time to suit your work pattern.

Feedback to The Glenmore Trust

Our contract with your employer does not include any requirement to disclose information that would allow you to be identified.
For further information see the Employee Support page on Esk Consulting web site : For appointments or an initial chat with Esk Consulting, please phone 01228 409092 in confidence and tell us who you work for.