Day Services and Supported Employment

The Glenmore Trust work with the Laurie Brewis Trust, to provide a range of activities during the day.
The Heathlands Project aims to provide a wide range of day service opportunities based at Rockliffe and in the city centre.
The project provides an enabling environment to develop person centred Life Long plans, and meaningful and inclusive day services for people with learning disabilities.
This incorporates skills development, training, work tasters, work placements and involvement in social enterprise for adults and older children with learning and other disabilities.
They also work with other vulnerable people to fulfil their personal potential.

The project also aims to embrace a personal development model through the provision of a wide range of training opportunities, and assist individuals to secure work/job experience placements in addition to further developing their skills and confidence.

As part of a lifestyle choice we will support and encourage individuals to actively seek avenues for employment.
Our role involves enabling individuals to develop skills they will require through traing and educational opportunities.
Furthermore we work with other agencies to maximise individual potential.