Compliments and Complaints

Complaint means something that happens that you don't like and you want to let someone know about it.

Why would you complain?

a) When things are happening you do not like.

  B) If you are unhappy   about staff that are not   being fair or listening.

Staff should help you to complain

What to do?

 A) A member of staff
 B) A boss
 C) The Chief Executive
 D) A member of the Glenmore Action Committee
 E) CQC– Inspection Unit

How to do it?

 Write to someone:
  The Glenmore Trust
 9 Northumberland Street,
 Denton Holme,
                       CA2 5HD

 Telephone 01228 522448

 E-mail Denise Jarman

You Have the right to complain to the:
Care Quality Commission (CQC)
Call: 03 000 61 61 61

Cumbria Adult Social Care:
Call: 01228 60 60 60

What happens next?

A) You need your complaint to be understood.
B) You need to be listened to.
C) You need an answer from the person you have to send your complaint to.
D) They must tell you what they are going to do about it and a date they are going to do it by.


 Compliments means when  you say nice things to  people.

A) What has the person done to help you and support you in a good way.

B) When someone has helped you.

Tell the staff themselves.
Tell the manager.

The Glenmore Action Committee can help give advice, simply and clearly, if people cant read,
we can put it on tape.