Glenmore Action Committee

The Glenmore Action Committee (GAC) was set up to allow service users to have more say within the trust. The committee meets every two months and the elected members talks about different issues that are raised. This could include success stories, up and coming events, any problems encountered or suggestions for ways to improve the service.

The aim of the GAC is to make sure that every service user is getting the service they want and need from the Glenmore Trust. As a result of these meetings and making sure that service users have a 'voice' that is heard, the trust can adapt to create a better service. The job of the committee is to make sure service users play an active part within the organisation and to make sure they are included in a meaningful way.

An independent advocacy service has given some training to the GAC so that they can do their job on the committee. The committee members looked at their strengths and weaknesses and how they could help speak up for other service users in the trust. The committee meetings help service users to improve their communication skills, work as part of a team and develop their problem solving skills.

The development of the committee will help promote:

•Control of individual lifestyles
•Having a Choice and making a difference