Introduction from CEO
Andrew Shekell

Our Quality of Life is determined by the presence of things which are of important to us.
As money continues to be tight and benefits squeezed, the system concentrates on what people need.
I passionately believe that without helping people to get what they want; this will never be enough. We can meet a person's basic needs; but what about their wishes, aspirations and dreams?
These are as essential to being who we are; as food on our plate.
The first question we should ask is not what we can do for you; but what would YOU like to do.
The second is HOW can we help you do it.
The Glenmore Trust was formed specifically to enable people with a learning disability to move from long stay hospital into the community.
Over the years, we have been asked to support other people with disabilities. We believe, this fits our ethos of treating people as people, without label.
We have never lost sight of the aim to enable our clients to not only live in, but be active participants in their community.

Everyone has the right to have or achieve:

•Informed choice
•Rights and responsibilities
•Dignity and respect
•Be part of the Community
Residential Services

The Trust has two registered care homes, one in Carlisle and one in Penrith.
Our registered Care Managers and support teams provide a high level of support to enable individuals to live as independent a life as possible.
We actively promote the maintenance and development of skills toward greater independence, community integration and accessing social opportunities.
Being a registered care home means that these homes are registered with the Quality Care Commission (QCC).

Community Support Service

Registered as a Domiciliary Care Agency, The Trust provides support to people living on their own, or with their families.
The type and frequency depends on individual requirements, and includes personal care. The support teams work mainly on a one-to-one basis with the client, and they receive close supervision and support from a manager and senior support staff, in supported tenancies.

Supported Tenancies

A number of our service users live in their own homes, as joint tenants or home owners, yet require a comprehensive package of support and care.
The Trust works closely with these individuals and their families to ensure they are able to not only live as independently as possible, but to be an active part of the community.